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A Better Metal Buying Experience delivered to you by a company focused on getting you what you need right now. SteelNow has Texas roots and a Texas can do approach. We understand that finding the right metal can be a real drain on your time, your energy and your wallet. At SteelNow, we do the heavy-lifting of searching for the best local metals and getting them into your hands as quickly and cheaply as possible, so that you can get time back.

We recognize that it is an outrage so many of us have to suffer the same struggles in sourcing customized metals for projects. Your time should not be spent finding metals.

Now you can spend your valuable time on your job as a metal worker, welder, smith, operator, sourcing manager, or even hobbyist


By leveraging our buying power and relationships with over 60 affiliate suppliers in the I-45 Corridor, SteelNow can get you the best guaranteed local deals you won’t find on your own.

When you contact us we will deliver a quote instantly and arrange for delivery in a manner that fits your business need.

When metal suppliers compete directly for your business, you WIN!


We know you. We’ve worked in the Industry for decades. Not only do we want to help protect your time and find the best metals for your projects, we want to contribute to the areas that mean the most to you:

Currently we are partnering with over ten local Texas welding schools, supplying metals to help raise the next generation of metalworkers to support the American manufacturing economy.

Our Promise

We will leverage our buying power and relationships to bring speed and access for small business owners to get their materials at the best price in Texas. Don’t Wait…SteelNow

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Get the fastest, best deal on metals near you.

SteelNow leverages our network of suppliers throughout the I-45 corridor to quickly find the best deal closest to you.

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